18 November 2009

BNB Rule #25 Toys R U

Everybody does it.  But not everybody admits it.  Who better to touch you than you? Next time you indulge in self love, feel free to explore your options.  Invest in some toys. Make playtime that much more interesting.  Barenaked bitches aren't afraid to explore their sexuality and invest $$ in some earth shattering sex toys.

10 November 2009

BNB Rule # 24 Digital Dating

It's one thing to find dates online; it's another thing to lie about yourself to get more "matches".  Obviously, you're putting yourself out there in the digital world for a reason; you are looking for a companion, looking to get laid, or you're looking for some harmless flirtation.  Barenaked bitches don't need to lie about their likes, looks, or lives; we are what we are and if you don't like it, just click "NEXT".

06 November 2009

BNB Rule #23 Ladies Night

Make time in your life for your ladies.  Whether it be dinner, a movie, or even "Ladies Night" at your favorite watering hole, without your girls, life just isn't as exciting.