24 September 2009

BNB Rule #5 The Devil Wears Old Navy

It's okay to wear middle class cotton clothing. You don't always need high heels, designer jeans, and a flashy belt. To those bitches who wear high heels and fashionable clothing all the time, or even worse, to an outdoor event such as a fair, or a music festival, you not only look like a choad, but you're just a dumb bitch with blisters on your feet and a beer stained overpriced shirt.


  1. Oh another one I 100% agree with. If I see a girl wearing a skirt and heels to the freaking fair or worse to an amusement park, places like that, I automatically hate her.

  2. I totally agree! In fact, pretty sure I laugh when I see a girl grinding her teeth in pain because she's at Summerfest for 16 hours wearing heels...f beauty is pain, I'd rather be ugly and comfortable.